In the heart of the cool town of Cabarete

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A superb location in the heart of the surfer town of Cabarete


Swell Surf Camp was designed and built by us (to be fair we did not physically build it ourselves; we had a great team of people who did that for us).  As a result, we were able to use our extensive knowledge of the area and we chose our location very deliberately. We are not directly on the beach (there are no proper surf camps on the beach in the Dominican Republic) but we are a short level walk to the sandy bay of Cabarete.


We chose a location where we knew our guests would have the best access to everything Cabarete has to offer + some peace and quiet when needed.

The surf spots are less than 10 minute’s drive away in our own transport (Swell guests are normally first in the water!) and we provide the transport to get you there and back, twice each day. For the rest of the day and evening you can reach everything you need from Swell by foot.
Some people ask us why Swell is not at the surf beach? That is honestly answered; there’s absolutely nothing there other than surf and if we were based there, you would need to arrange some transport (at night, along unlit roads) to get to all the bars and restaurants, every time you wanted to explore and have fun.

If you choose to stay at Encuentro, the surf beach, you will have a 50 minute walk to Cabarete; it’s not lit and there are no footpaths en-route.

Cabarete Bay, the beach for kite-surfing and windsurfing, is less than a 5 minute level walk from Swell and the restaurants are super-close (one is our immediate neighbour) and many more of Cabarete`s most popular eateries are just across the road.

In fact, within a 5 minute walk you have the choice of 10 different restaurants and many more are on Cabarete`s main beach and town which is 5 minutes level from Swell on foot.


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The more travelling we did to other countries in pursuit of surf, the more we realised what a special place Cabarete is.  The Dominican Republic has some of the most consistent waves in the world, especially the local surf break.  This vibrant town also has a beach dining scene we’ve not managed to find anywhere else. At night, the many restaurants on the beach light up the palm trees with lanterns and place their tables and chairs directly in the sand. Many different cuisines are on offer and we will gladly help you choose where to eat on the evenings that dinner is not prepared in the camp.

We promise never to send you anywhere we would not be happy to dine ourselves. After dinner, some of these restaurants turn into clubs where you can dance the night away, all in a unique, friendly atmosphere. If clubbing is not your scene, you can wander back to Swell where we enjoy a more peaceful location, just far enough away from the action to enjoy your night’s sleep.



Location of the Dominican Republic


The airports of the DR

Best airport: Puerto Plata (POP)

The best (closest) airport to fly into is Puerto Plata (airport code POP).  The Government-set fare is $35 USD each way to Cabarete and the journey is 25 minutes.  The set price for taxis in the Dominican Republic is per taxi, not per person.  POP international airport has direct daily flights from New York (JetBlue and United Airlines) or Miami (American Airlines). There are also a ton of charter flights that come in from all major airports in the US, Canada and Europe.

2nd Best airport: Santiago Los Caballeros (STI)

Another option is to fly into Santiago airport (airport code STI, or you might end up in Chile!).  Transfers to or from STI will cost $100 USD each way.  The journey is 1 hour 45 minutes (remember that all taxi prices are per taxi, not per person).  Buses are also available to Sosua; journey time is around 3 hours.  You can expect the total cost of getting from STI to us to be in the region of $50 USD when coming by bus.  Caribe Tours and Metro Tours are the providers.

3rd Airport  option: Santo Domingo (SDQ)

Flying into or out of Las Americas (code SDQ, 2.5 hours away) costs $200 USD extra per pick up or drop off (again, price is per taxi, not per person).  Buses are also available from SDQ to Sosua.  The bus is modern and cheap (around $20 USD) and takes between 4.5 and 5.5 hours depending on traffic.  You will need to take a taxi to the bus depot and one from the bus depot in Sosua to Swell.  You can expect the total cost of getting from SDQ to us by bus to be in the region of $60 USD.   Again, Caribe Tours and Metro Tours are the providers.

Other Airport Options: Samana (AZS) and Punta Cana (PUJ)

There are two more airports in the Dominican Republic; AZS (Samana) and PUJ (Punta Cana).  AZS has some limited services but is also 2.5 hours by taxi from Cabarete. Punta Cana (PUJ) has many flights, but PUJ is NOT a viable entry point for the North coast where we are, as the journey by road to Cabarete is at least 6 hours each way and a taxi can cost $500 USD, one way!

Make use of search engines like Hipmunk.com and Kayak.com – but do bear in mind, some airlines, like Jet Blue, will not let their flights show on some ticket searching websites.


From / via New York, USA If you come from New York or are flying via New York ( lots of Europeans do), Continental, JetBlue and United Airlines fly directly into Puerto Plata.  Check for their services into STI and SDQ too; they are often cheaper, but bear in mind the extra taxi costs noted above.

From / via Miami, USA American Airlines has a direct, short flight to Puerto Plata from Miami

From / via Toronto, Canada WestJet, Sunwing & Air Canada have direct flights to Puerto Plata from Toronto

From / via Montreal, Canada Sunwing & Air Canada have direct flights to Puerto Plata from Montreal

From / via the UK Thomsons has direct flights to Puerto Plata from both Gatwick and Manchester

From / via Switserland  Condor has direct flights from  Zurich to Puerto Plata

From / via Amsterdam, The Netherlands Arkefly has a direct flight to Puerto Plata from Amsterdam

From / via Dusseldorf, Germany Airberlin has a direct flight to Puerto Plata from Dusseldorf and a couple of other German airports.

From / via Frankfurt, Germany Condor has a direct flight to Puerto Plata from Frankfurt

From / via Paris, France Air France has a direct flight to Santo Domingo (SDQ) from Paris


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