Become a kitesurfer on your holiday!



Cabarete is the Kitesurf capital of the world!


Cabarete is widely regarded as one of the top places in the world for kitesurfing.

Why? Because Cabarete is unique in that it combines steady & side onshore wind (so you don’t get dragged out to sea) & warm water + wide open beaches in 1 place.

Cabarete is ideal for kitesurfers of all levels, from complete beginners to experts (Dominican kite surfers are amongst the best in the world!)

There are several different spots to kitesurf in Cabarete. The most famous is Cabarete KiteBeach, just a few minutes on moto taxi away from Swell. It’s a spot that is liked by kitesurfers of all levels. There are a few kiteschools there for beginners, but it’s also the perfect kiteboarding spots for freestyle riders to practise their tricks or big airs. The wave riders will like the offshore reef that has waves 350 days per year.

Want complete flat water? The river mouth of La Boca is only a 10 minute taxi ride away.

In between La Boca on the east and Encuentro to the west of Cabarete there is between 5 miles of beaches, which are ideal for down winders.

Whatever your kitesurfing level: Cabarete provides ideal kitesurfing conditions for you!



Learn to kitesurf with the top kitesurf school

Our Swell partner kite surf school is a short walk from our place and is renowned for using only high quality, up-to-date equipment and international IKO instructors who speak a variety of languages, including French, German, Dutch, Spanish and English.

Kitesurfing (also known as kiteboarding) looks like an incredibly difficult sport, when in reality it’s a sport with a relatively short learning curve. It can be however a dangerous sport if you don’t take lessons from a pro who can teach you the essential safety procedures.

Owned by a world-renowned international kiteboarding champion, this kitesurf school is housed in state-of-the-art facilities right on Cabarete main beach, just a few minutes walk from Swell Surf Camp

The course will guide you through the basics of how the wind works, wind direction and flying a trainer kite safely on the beach, before hopefully moving you up to a larger kite that has the power to drag you through the water: the very thing that makes kitesurfing such an adrenaline rush!



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