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Surfing and Yoga are a match made in heaven and it`s no accident that the two pair-up so well.
Pre-surf stretching has been a vital part of surfing since forever: You’ll never see a surfer enter the water without doing some stretching first.  Using limbs in a way that is alien to most other daily activities or sports can take it`s toll, even on bodies whose owners consider themselves to be quite fit ordinarily.

Unless you are a seasoned swimmer, arms are not used to paddling as a rule, so shoulders can react unpleasantly to the demands of catching lots of waves.

Please have a look at the question below about how you can prepare for your surf holiday before your arrival at Swell.

Good Balance
Good balance is an essential part of the surfing process. Yoga brings together many of the skills you will need to learn to surf well and perhaps most importantly, helps to stretch, relax, repair and tone aching limbs.

Molly, our yoga instructor at Swell, believes that the power of yoga can transform lives.  Her teaching style is warm and supportive and she encourages students to explore beyond their perceived limitations by emphasising proper alignment to maximise performance and prevent injury.