Rent a quality board from us

For the people that already know how to surf but don’t want to bring their own surfboard, we have an extensive selection of surfboards in our rental pool.

The Gnaraloo softtops are ideal for those that want to get back into surfing for a few days before getting onto a hard top.

The hard tops we stock are:

NSP ( ideal for Intermediate surfers)

Sizes range from: 7’7” fun shapes to 9” Longboards

Torq Surfboard are high quality Epoxy surfboards (ideal for Intermediate and advanced surfers)

5’11” Torq Mod Fish
6’3″ Torq Mod Fish
6’6″ Torq Mod Fish
6’8″ Torq Mod Fun
7’2″ Torq Mod Fun
7’6″ Torq Mod Fun
8’0″ Torq Longboard
9’0″ Torq Longboard

Keep in mind that the list can vary as we get in new stock, or boards can be in repair.