The Surf Spot Playa Encuentro

Consistent waves for surfers of all levels.

For Existing Surfers

Looking for a really comfortable and social place to stay?

Swell is also the perfect base for surfers looking to get the most out of their surf holiday in the Dominican Republic.  There’s no need for car rental; we take care of  the transport.  There’s no need to bring your board; we have an extensive rental quiver.

Surf Transport

Swell provides twice daily surf transport to the most consistent surf beach in the Caribbean. It’s a 10 minute drive and we are pretty much always the first ones at the beach in the mornings. We leave at 7 am to get the best conditions: glassy or offshore winds with the least amount of other surfers in the water.

Playa Encuentro: consistent waves year round!
Encuentro is our local surf spot, and it’s a 10 minute drive west of Cabarete.  Warm water year-round; no need for wet-suits.  The beach side is undeveloped, which means no high rise condos or McDonalds signs.
There are 2 things that make Playa Encuentro such great choice; it’s very consistent with around 350 surfable days per year.  The other thing that is so good about Encuentro is that the spot caters for surfers of all levels with several different & distinct peaks to choose from.

Beginners can always safely catch the waves at Bobo’s, where the water depth is about chest deep.

Advance and expert surfers; read on……..


The Surf Spots of Encuentro

For advanced and expert surfers there are several different peaks to choose from.

“The left”: This is great left-hander, peels for a good distance, expect some barrel time.

“Main Peak” : Both left and right-hand waves: the right is a good length of ride, the left is a bit shorter.  The right is a mellow wave which allows for nice carving turns on open faces.  These waves are very good high performance shortboard waves, but also very good for long-boarders, or if you favor a fish.

“Bobos”: The inside is a safe place for the beginners (that’s where Swell surf lessons are given).  The outside has fun left and right waves for high performance surfing.

“Coco Pipe”: A very good wave for advanced to expert surfers. Left and right-handres, although the right is preferred since it’s longer and holds up better with nice tube sections.

Surfboards at Swell
We have an ever-expanding list of surfboards available to rent exclusively for Swell clients. From small floaty fish boards to 9 foot longboards.
Have a look at this page for a list of surfboards ( opens in new window).