Surf lessons


Learn to surf with us


Surfing is a great watersport and when you are in the hands of true surf professionals, a very accessible sport for people of all ages. The Dominican Republic has some of the best surfing beaches of the Caribbean and caters for surfers of all levels, from perfect beginner beaches to offshore reefs for the expert surfers.

The water and air temperatures are warm year round, so leave your wetsuits at home.
At Swell surf camp, our surf  lessons are given in groups in a structured manner, using properly I.S.A. qualified surf coaches; This means that Swell’s surf coaches have all completed specific training in teaching techniques, including Practical and Theory Lessons, Life Guard training and CPR/Basic First Aid, which are all part of the I.S.A. qualification. As a result, you could not be in safer hands.

Qualified surf instructors
Having qualified surf instructors means that you will receive good lessons from surf coaches who have themselves been taught how to communicate their methods and advice.

Surf theory lessons
Learning how waves are formed and how to spot the best place to sit, are just two of the topics covered in these lessons.  With a week-long stay, our beginner surf lessons consist of 5 surf lessons, followed by supervised surfboard rental.

Beginner or intermediate?
Unless you have been surfing consistently for some months or even years, you are still a novice surfer: Having attended surf camps before does not make you an intermediate surfer, and as you will be surfing in a new spot, having lessons and being under the care of our coaches is a good idea.