Healthy & Organic food to fuel your surfing

We know that when you get back from a few hours of surfing you will be very hungry, so we give you a wide choice of things to eat for breakfast and very tasty dinners: It’s a recurring theme in all our customer comments; everyone loves our food.

Swell staff prepare and cook all your fresh meals right in front of you in our open kitchen.  Dominican eggs, fish and chicken are amongst the tastiest in the world and fruit and vegetables here are mostly organically produced.

We take these great ingredients, combine them with good recipes and the result is wonderful, tasty, genuinely home-made food, being prepared right in front of you: Swell guests have asked us for our recipes time and time again.



Home made toasted granola
Tropical fruit and coconut
Freshly squeezed juice
Toasted breakfast wrap
Omelette with your choice of ingredients
Fresh bread daily
Unlimited Dominican coffee or tea.
Vegetarian and Vegan options are always available at Swell

Drinking water is also free, so no need to lug around heavy water bottles or pay to re hydrate.


We cook 4 dinners each week at Swell (and it`s already included in your surf package).
When we are not preparing food at the camp, there are a ton of good places to eat within a very short walk of Swell.

We concentrate on taste and freshness, preparing all our food in front of you, serving it buffet style, and sitting around our huge dining table at the heart of the camp to enjoy it.

Our client’s favourite foods by far are the local Dominican dishes we prepare frequently.

There are variations of taste depending on the local dish chosen, but these are normally are made up of succulent chicken, beef or fish marinaded in fresh organic herbs and spices before cooking and served with variations of rice, yucca fritas, platanos and/or guandules.

Dominican food is so rich and tasty, you really can`t say that you have been to the Dominican Republic without having tried traditional food. It’s always our most requested meal! You may also find Chicken and Pineapple creamy curry, Lasagne, Chicken Cordon Bleu and lots more delicious dishes on our weekly menu.

Dinner always includes salad or vegetables, plus rice or potatoes and a desert to follow.

If you are a Vegetarian, no problem, just let us know in advance of your surf holiday with us.
Any other dietary restriction, contact us to see what your options are.