We get a lot of  people asking us,”what is the wave or wind going to be like in 3 weeks from now”. Needless to say we cannot guarantee perfect wind or wave conditions for your learn to surf or learn to kite holiday 3 weeks in advance.

[dropcap]There are a few tools you can use for an accurate 7 days forecast or tools that give you an insight into historical wind and wave patterns in the Caribbean.
For an accurate wind and wave forecast for 7 days we use sites like  Windguru Cabarete  and MagicSeaweed Encuentro[/dropcap]

Windguru also has an archive feature so you can look up historical data about wind and waves that go back a few years for Cabarete. Link Archived cabarete windguru data Cabarete wind wave forecast

From our own experience


Between October and April: Bigger waves: suitable for beginners, intermediate and expert surfers

Between May and September: Smaller waves on average: more suitable for beginners and intermediates.


Between April and August: Consistent wind of 15 knots or more on 70% of the days

Between September and March: Consistent wind of 15 knots or more 40% of the days.

If you have any questions about what season is best suited for your level of surfing or kitesurfing, feel free to send us a message.

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